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HASD&IC's 2014 Priorities are driven by a shared vision with CHA and the Regional Associations of an optimally healthy society and goal that all Californians have equitable, safe, high-quality, medically necessary health care.

During 2014 HASD&IC will focus on the following regional advocacy priorities:

  • Support CHA's federal and state legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts and the protection of equitable Medicare and Medi-Cal reimbursement.
  • Advocate for health care policies and practices that support the provision of efficient and effective operations of the Hospital Outstation Services (HOS) Program; programs addressing dual eligibles, behavioral health, post-acute care, AB 109 implementation, emergency medical services, and disaster planning; and any other programs of impact to hospitals implemented locally to meet legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide hospital representation and advocacy on policy issues related to local Medi-Cal geographic and Covered California managed care programs.
  • Advocate for effective outreach and enrollment services performed by local government agencies and community groups.
  • Advocate for responsive policies for regional emergency medical services that strengthen the hospital safety net in partnership with community clinics and physicians.
  • Represent and promote the value of community hospitals to elected officials, health care stakeholders, and to the communities they serve through effective public advocacy outreach.
  • Provide appropriate media responses to inquiries regarding hospital policies and practices.

Engage Members in Quality and Patient Safety Activities

  • Achieve Patient Safety First…A California Partnership for Health programmatic goals and coordinate quality improvement and patient safety activities for all hospitals in the region.
  • Accelerate hospital improvements in quality and patient safety through education, networking, sharing best practices, and communication through local and statewide collaboratives and other peer-to-peer learning opportunities.
  • Ensure collaboration, coordination, and cooperation of all statewide quality and patient safety activities under the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI), and including member participation in the California Hospital Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO)and California Hospital Engagement Network (CALHEN).
  • Develop the HQI Regional Quality Leadership Network of San Diego and Imperial Counties to bring hospital and health systems together with allied professional associations in a shared vision of quality and patient safety for health care workforce. Identify opportunities to expand engagement to outpatient and post-acute care facilities.

Support Collaboration Among Regional Health Care Providers and the Community.

  • Support the continued development and expansion of San Diego Health Connect to a fully integrated regional community asset and model for other communities.
  • Strengthen working relationships and a common agenda with community health centers, long term care providers, physician groups, and medical societies in the region on care transitions for improved population health.
  • Expand partnerships with the business, academic, social services, and public health communities.
  • Engage with community groups and professional organizations to share issues/concerns, positively position hospitals, and identify common advocacy agendas.
  • Re-engage with the community leaders and health experts who participated in the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment for their input on next steps.

Strengthen our Health Care Infrastructure with a Workforce to Meet Regional Needs

  • Continue to heighten awareness of workforce shortages in the region, especially to meet health care reform requirements.
  • Work with local and statewide collaborative and educational institutions to develop and implement strategies to address workforce needs and supportive curriculum.

Provide Regional Support for CHA Programs

  • Includes promoting member participation in CHA boards, committees and educational events; engaging members and educating key stakeholders, opinion leaders, legislators, and their district staff on hospital issues and efforts in support of CHA's Public Advocacy Program; responding to CHA Advocacy Alerts; organizing regional teams to attend CHA's Health Policy Legislative Day and California Congressional Action Program; and fundraising for the California Hospital Association Political Action Committee (CHPAC).


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