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HASD&IC's 2015 Priorities are driven by a shared vision with CHA and the Regional Associations of an optimally healthy society and goal that all Californians have equitable, safe, high-quality, medically necessary health care.

During 2015 HASD&IC will focus on the following regional advocacy priorities:

  • Support CHA's federal and state legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts and the protection of equitable Medicare and Medi-Cal reimbursement.
  • Advocate for health care policies and practices that support the provision of efficient and effective operations of the Hospital Outstation Services (HOS) Program; programs addressing dual eligibles, behavioral health, post-acute care, emergency medical services, and disaster planning; and any other programs of impact to hospitals implemented locally to meet legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide hospital representation and advocacy on policy issues related to local Medi-Cal geographic and Covered California managed care programs and the Medi-Cal Section 1115 Waiver.
  • Advocate for effective outreach and enrollment services performed by local government agencies and community groups.
  • Advocate for responsive policies for regional emergency medical services that strengthen the hospital safety net in partnership with community clinics and physicians.
  • Represent and promote the value of community hospitals to elected officials, health care stakeholders, and to the communities they serve through effective public advocacy outreach.
  • Provide appropriate media responses to inquiries regarding hospital policies and practices.

Engage Members in Quality and Patient Safety Activities

  • Support the Hospital Quality Institute 2015-2017 Strategic Plan.
  • Support Patient Safety First…A California Partnership for Health.
  • Accelerate hospital improvements in quality and patient safety through Regional Quality and Patient Safety Leadership Networks.
  • Promote, educate, and support a culture of safety.
  • Strive for collaboration, cooperation, and coordination of allied stakeholders to reduce redundancies in data collection and measured improvements.

Support Collaboration Among Regional Health Care Providers and the Community.

  • Support the expansion of San Diego community and health information exchanges.
  • Strengthen working relationships and a common agenda with community health centers, long term care providers, physician groups, and medical societies in the region on care transitions for improved population health.
  • Expand partnerships with the business, academic, social services, and public health communities.
  • Continue to engage with community leaders, health experts, and residents in high-need communities to plan and begin the 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment.

Strengthen our Health Care Infrastructure with a Workforce to Meet Regional Needs

  • Continue to heighten awareness of workforce shortages in the region, especially to meet health care reform requirements.
  • Work with local and statewide collaborative and educational institutions to develop and implement strategies to address workforce needs and supportive curriculum.

Provide Regional Support for CHA Programs

  • Includes promoting member participation in CHA boards, committees, and educational events; engaging members and educating key stakeholders, opinion leaders, legislators, and their district staff on hospital issues and efforts in support of CHA’s Digital Advocacy goals; responding to CHA Advocacy Alerts; organizing regional teams to attend CHA’s Health Policy Legislative Day and California Congressional Action Program; and fundraising for the California Hospital Association Political Action Committee (CHPAC).


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